Monday, April 26, 2010

Service Value Assessment

Oh dear!! My GAM have give me (and few others) a warning!! Damn such a procrastinator am I.

End of last year, our GAM provide us with some questions about our goals and dreams and habits.. we should send it by end of the year or early last year.. being a procrastinator (a big NO if want to be full time UTC).. i have been postponed it till now.. and today.. i've got SMS from our GAM, "U r barred fr training, preview, email, sms if u do not submit yr Goals by 26th.  All the best!" adush!! tajam nye... so apa lagi.. aku pun sibuk lar siapkan.. actually just to amend a few things plus the pictures..

Ok.. what it is all about...

1) The reason why I join Public Mutual are:
    a) I want to have the time freedom
    b) I want to have financial freedom
    c) I do not want to stuck with the office rules and regulations
    d) I want to help people to have SAVINGS

2) The reason why I would make it are:
   a) For all the above reason
   b) I am confident with this product
   c) I know I have the strength and determination to realize my dreams

Then, we talk about our sales target.  And next, my goals.

1) What is my dream car? (As picture, but yesterday we tested another great car!!)

2) What is my dream home? (As picture, but I already owned a house although it's not a dream house!!)

Then, it goes on, how much income I wanted per month, What disciplines I want to develop etc. 

The whole thing is good.  Rather than we thought about our goals, we write (type) it down and read it over and over again!!

But the most ultimate havits that I need to develop is NOT TO BE A PROCRASTINATOR.. cause it really kills everything.. time, money and whatever I want to achieve... Hopefully, I can develop this the soonest possible.

NOTE: I am a Unit Trust Consultant.  My job is to encourage people to save money for their future expenses, retirement, child education and others.  If you interested to know more, contact me at or call me @ 013 668 13 65

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