Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sambil menyelam, mari minum air!!

but make sure the water is safe to drink la.. ehehhehe

yesterday, my boss asked me to go to one of the telco company in KL.. to submit some of client's application for SIM card.  not that happy since my dressing was not in the mode of going to big city.. eheheheh.. since aku ni pekerja yg baik.. pergi saja lar..

so.. since i'll be going to KL.. which only took less than one hour to meet the telco representative.. i tried to figure out how to kill my time to make the journey worth it!... pikir nye pikir..  yeay!! sms lar sorang bakal client yg sepatutnye dah invest tapi due to thumbprint mismatch.. so kena lar jumpa lagi... this one client.. she supposed to be investor since September or October last year... tapi disebabkan technical error.. i have to meet her again for new application.. dari hari ke minggu ke bulan.. tak dapat2 nak set appointment with her.. she is a lawyer and her schedule very tight.  btw.. she is my adik angkat... (the person yg encourage me to be the agent!)

so after sms her.. she said she will be outside for a meeting and hopefully to finish on time.. it just my luck of the day.. after i finish met up with telco rep... i gave her a call.. and she told she was on her way to the office... alhamdulillah.. akhirnye ada gak jodoh ngan dia...

so this morning... i prepare her paperwork.. only to found out.. i forgot her signature for the EPF form.. arghhhhhh.. tensen nye makcik... iskkkk.. so.. what now?? adush!! abis lar kalau hubby tau ni... adoiiii... *garu kepala jap

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