Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My clients dapat returns! yeay!

lama tak update.. agak busy sket sebabnye.. some of clients dapat UNTUNG after the company declare distribution for one of its fund i.e. Public Islamic Dividend Fund.. 1.25 sen per unit.. that's good enough..

Ada one of my client ni.. she invested on the 30th April about RM3K++.. since this fund financial year end is 30th April.. so she managed to get roughly around RM100++.. this is really great for her after one day dah dapat good returns.. yeay!!

So busy lar sebab kena update my clients.. sampai tak sempat2 nak update blog ni.. ari ni agak free gak... tapi masih cari wise sayings yg my GAM nak.. rupanye dia nak 30.. aku ingatkan satu je.. ahahahah.. gagau lar carik ye...

anyway.. this month saya agak busy sbb husband outstation.. so since i only work on weekends.. have to consider husband nye kepenatan so this month for two weeks.. kerja hanya pada hari ahad.. tapi alhamdulillah.. so far rezeki yg Allah bagi agak murah gak.. so i am totally appreciate and happy for it..

one more thing.. my office (current job) ada staff baru masuk.. hari ke-2 dia masuk.. dia dah tanya camne nak invest.. uhuhuuh.. best nyee.. siap kakak dia pun berminat.. alhamdulillah... camne dia tau?? sambil2 lunch tu citer lar yg saya wat part time unit trust.. tak cakap pun lagi ngan UTMC mana.. tapi dia yg offer.. "oo cam Public Mutual tu ye"... hmm.. apa lagi.. sambung je lar.. heheheh... best kan?

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